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Save-The-Date Cards vs. Magnets: Which Should You Choose?

You and your honey are ready to tie the knot, and you can’t wait to do it in front of your family members and friends.  You’ve got the date set, and the wedding location booked.  All that’s left to do to get everything in motion is to send out the save-the-date cards…right?

Before you order your save-the-date cards, consider this: you’ll need to find a way to make it easier for your loved ones to remember when your wedding is approaching.  Sure, sending out a card is a great way to get your wedding date on their calendars – but how else can you get your loved ones to keep your wedding in mind as the date approaches?

The answer is simple: opt for save-the-date magnets!

Like the save-the-date cards, these magnets offer a fantastic way for your loved ones to remember your wedding date, with one particular bonus: your family members and friends can put it on their refrigerators where they can see it every day.  That way, you’ll never have to worry that your wedding will slip Great-Aunt Jean’s mind, or your absent-minded friend will forget to RSVP.

So what should you include on your save-the-date magnet?

  • The Date of the Wedding:  The date of your wedding ceremony and reception should be front and center on your save-the-date magnets.  Remember, this isn’t the official wedding invitation – you just want to give your wedding guests the time they need to make travel arrangements.
  • A Link to Your Wedding Site:  These days, more couples are opting to host their own wedding website (www.theknot.com offers couples the opportunity to launch their own website for absolutely free).  You can include a link to your website on the magnet, which is where your guests will find information on hotel accommodations, gift registries, and other traditional wedding information.
  • A Picture of You and Your Honey:  Save-the-date magnets are far less formal than wedding invites, so don’t hesitate to have fun with the design!  Put a picture of you and your honey on the magnet, or create some fun designs that represent your relationship or the theme of your wedding.  No matter which option you pick, the wedding invitation should have special meaning and clearly represent what makes you and your future spouse meant to be.

Save-the-date magnets are convenient, fun, and surprisingly affordable. As long as you include all the right information and send the save-the-date out in time, you can’t go wrong with either a traditional card or a magnet. Visit SaveTheDateForLess.com today to discover special designs and a wide selection of both magnets and cards. Also, don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook to get up to 25% off save-the-date-cards! Offer ends August 31, 2012.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Reception Location

So you are finally ready to tie the knot – and now you’re knee-deep in planning mode.  But before you can start shopping for your dream dress or sending out invites to your loved ones, you need to choose your best wedding reception location.

Choosing a wedding reception location can be a surprisingly difficult task.  You might have a few ideas of what you’d like in mind – however, venues can be unavailable, or too expensive, or not exactly what you’re looking for.  If you’re worried you won’t be able to choose the best wedding reception location, take a look at these helpful tips and techniques.

Know Your Theme

Choosing a wedding theme is much easier than finding a wedding reception location.  After all, knowing your theme narrows down the venues where your reception can take place.  Sit down with your fiancé and talk about what you both want from your wedding.  Are you beach people?  Do you love the idea of a traditional church wedding?  Do you want to get married in the great outdoors?  Once you understand what theme best reflects your relationship, you’ll be in a much better position to choose an ideal wedding reception location.

What’s Near Your Wedding Ceremony Location?

Many couples opt to have their wedding ceremony in the same location as their wedding reception.  If you’re not doing this (for example, you want to get married in a church), narrow down venues based on the location of the wedding ceremony.  You don’t want your wedding guests driving for over an hour just to get to the reception.

How Many People Are You Planning to Invite?

The size of your wedding invite list will undoubtedly play a huge role in choosing the best wedding reception location.  Fortunately, you don’t have to have a specific idea of how many people are coming – you just need a general number.  When you’ve narrowed down reception venues, call up the owners to ask how many guests they can accommodate.  You’ll usually find that your final reception choice will be determined by the size of the venue.

What Fits in Your Budget?

Of course, you’ll need to keep your budget in mind when choosing your wedding reception location.  On this point, it’s vital for you and your fiancé to decide on how much you can spend for the wedding.  You don’t want to blow your entire budget on the reception venue – after all, you still have to buy your dream dress and wedding invites!

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How Far in Advance Should You Send Out the Wedding Invitations?

When it comes to sending out save-the-date cards and wedding invitations, there are a surprising number of opinions on the subject.  Some wedding experts claim that you shouldn’t send out the wedding invitations too far in advance, as giving people too much time to RSVP will make them more likely to forget.  On the other hand, there are some wedding gurus who insist that you should send out the invites far enough in advance that your out-of-town guests have enough time to make travel arrangements.

Given all the differing opinions, it becomes clear that one question remains: how far in advance should you send out the save-the-date cards and wedding invitations?

Consider the Time of Your Wedding

These days, destination weddings and weekend-long affairs are becoming more common.  If you’re planning on throwing a wedding that requires a long weekend or want your loved ones to travel to a special location for your ceremony, you’ll want to send out the save-the-date card (along with the location) as early as possible.  The further away the wedding destination, the more time you’ll want to give your guests to save up money, make accommodation arrangements, and book flights.

The same rule of thumb applies if your wedding is on a holiday.  For example, if your wedding is over the Fourth of July weekend, you’ll want to give your guests enough time to make specific travel arrangements.

When’s an Appropriate Time to Send a Wedding Invitation?

Save-the-dates cards are generally sent out as soon as you book the location of your wedding ceremony and reception.  However, if your wedding is some time away, wedding experts indicate that it’s best to send save-the-dates cards at least six months in advance (closer to a year if you’re requiring a lot of travel for your guests).  Now that your loved ones are alerted as to the date of your wedding, you might be wondering when it’s the best time to send a wedding invitation.  Wedding gurus agree that sending wedding invitations at least three months in advance is the most appropriate time.

Do I Have to Send a Save-The-Date Card?

If your wedding ceremony is only a few months away, sending a save-the-date card is pretty much akin to sending a wedding invitation at this point.  As a general rule of thumb, if your wedding is less than six months away, it’s best to forgo the save-the-date for a traditional wedding invitation.

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Email vs. Save the Date Cards: Which Option Should You Pick?

When it comes to saving money on your wedding, there’s no denying that you’ve toyed with the idea of emailing your save-the-date notices, rather than sending out save-the-date cards.  On the one hand, emailing your friends and family a save-the-date saves you money.  On the other hand, not all of your friends and family members will have access to email, particularly the older family members.  Additionally, emailing the date of your wedding feels far less formal than a traditional save-the-date card.

So when it comes down to it, which is best: email vs. save-the-date cards?

The Benefits of Email

The primary benefit of emailing a save-the-date is cost savings.  For couples on a budget, email offers a fantastic way to save much-needed money.

Of course, there are also multiple disadvantages to emailing save-the-date.  Sending save-the-dates by email makes it much more likely that some of your friends and family members will miss the notification altogether, simply by having the email go into their spam folder or overlooking it or accidentally deleting it.  Another disadvantage is that not all of your family members have email addresses.  Your friends may appreciate an email invite, but what will you do for your older relatives who aren’t exactly sure how to work a computer, let alone an email address? Even though we live in an Internet age, plenty of people still do not use email.

Save-The-Date Cards For Less

Despite the advantages of email invites, save-the-date cards are still the preferred way to let your loved ones know that you’re about to tie the knot.  It shows you care, and is a lot more memorable and special than an email. Save-the-date cards give your wedding a more formal feel, which means your friends and family members will be far more likely to RSVP when your wedding invitation comes later, and far less likely to throw away the card.  Save-the-date cards make it easier for your loved ones to remember your wedding, by putting your card on the refrigerator or bulletin board. Additionally, cards allow you to establish the theme of the wedding early on.  Our matching collections provide a consistent theme for all your wedding printing – from save-the-date cards through thank you cards, and everything in between.

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You deserve the best in the run-up to your special day…and only SaveTheDateForLess.com can give it to you!