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How to Save Money on Your Engagement Photos

When it comes to planning your wedding, you want to watch every penny of you wedding budget possible.  After all, you don’t want to start your new life with your husband in debt – and you certainly don’t want to spend a great deal of money if it means sacrificing on your honeymoon!

That’s why many people tend to forgo engagement photos in favor of saving a few hundred dollars in the wedding budget. While this can certainly go towards a few additional dinner plates at the reception – or even on getting a designer-label wedding dress – there’s no denying that your engagement photos represent a special time in your life.  It’s the moment when you and your sweetheart are starting off on an incredible journey together – and this moment should be preserved forever.

If you want to enjoy the experience of engagement photos but don’t want to blow your wedding budget, here’s how to save money on your engagement photos:

  1. Find a photographer that will offer a discount if you hire him or her for both engagement and wedding photographs.  Photographers offer combined discounts because it means they’ll have steady work.  This discount also means you can enjoy the unique experience of having engagement photos without worrying that you’re spending too much of your wedding budget.
  1. Consider having a talented friend take engagement photos for you.  Since engagement photos are more casual than wedding photos, this means you can have a family member or friend take over for a professional photographer.  Be sure to offer the friend or family member compensation for the time they take out of their day.  A cash payment or a nice gift is a great way to thank them for all their hard work and effort.
  1. Finally, be sure to use your engagement photos on your save the date cards and throughout your wedding reception.  This is a great way to make the most of your engagement photos, which means you’ll save a significant amount of money in the long run.  For example, you could use your engagement photos as a backdrop for your save the date card.  You could also incorporate your engagement photos in your wedding reception.  Have guests write their congratulations and well wishes on a mat surrounding a blown-up picture of you and your fiancé.  You can frame the picture later as a special remember of the precious time when you were engaged to the love of your life.

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Selecting an Up-Do Hair Stylist For Your Wedding Day

The big day of your wedding ceremony is almost here.  You can’t wait to stand before your family members and friends as you whisper those sweet and sacred vows to the man of your dreams.  You can’t wait to dance alongside the most important people in your life as you celebrate a future lifetime of happiness and joy.  But before you can get to the good stuff, you need to consider one of the biggest wedding day decisions you’ll ever make…

Selecting the perfect up-do hair stylists for your big day!

Let’s face it: your wedding photos will last for lifetimes.  You want to look absolutely breathtaking – and if you end up with the wrong hairstyle, your wedding pictures won’t bring as much joy and happiness as they should.  That’s why it’s so important to pick an up-do hair stylist who will make you look as gorgeous as you feel.

Wondering how to select an up-do hair stylist for your wedding day?  Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Ask your favorite hair stylist if she or he specializes in wedding up-dos.  Many people tend to forget that favorite hair stylists are often experienced in creating gorgeous and stunning wedding up-dos.  You don’t have to hire a stranger or go to someone expensive to get the hair you want for your wedding – instead, ask the person who knows your hair the best!
  2. If your favorite hair salon stylist can’t give you the hair style of your dreams, not to worry.  Ask your female family members and friends who styled their hair to get a good idea of who can do your up-do.  Better still, go on Facebook and look at some of your friends’ favorite wedding photos.  Does anyone have a hairstyle that absolutely takes your breath away?  If so, ask which hair stylist she used.  After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.
  3. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask a family member or friend to do your hair for the big day.  If you’re going down this road, make sure that they have a few practice rounds on your hair before the big day.  You never know how many talented hair stylists you have in your family, so don’t be afraid to put your feelers out there.  Make sure you compensate your family member with a special gift or some money for their time and efforts.

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Tips on Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day will be the most important day of your life – and you want to make sure you have the best wedding photographer on hand to capture all of those amazing moments.  From the first step down the aisle to the last dance with your new husband, selecting your wedding photographer will be one of the most important decisions you could make for your wedding ceremony.

Of course, selecting a wedding photographer is also one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make.  There are tons of talented photographers out there who are willing to vie for your business.  Add to the fact that many photographers have portfolios of gorgeous and stunning wedding pictures, and it’s no wonder you’re having trouble selecting a photographer for the big day.

And that’s exactly where these tips on selecting your wedding photographer come into play!

  1. One of the best places to find a high-quality wedding photographer in your location is on Facebook – and many of them will be your friends!  Carefully scroll through your timeline to see if any of your artsy friends have photographs that speak to you.  Do they have a photography business set up?  Are they photographers by profession?  While you may save a bit of money hiring a friend who does it in his or her spare time, this may cause issues in case the pictures aren’t professional or the friend suddenly flakes.

Hiring a friend who runs their own photography business means they’ll treat your wedding with the professionalism you deserve.

  1. Selecting a wedding photographer means finding someone who is willing to do the work at a price you can afford.  However, don’t expect to a professional photographer for just pennies on the dollar.  The best photographers will charge a decent price, so be wary of photographers who are willing to deeply discount their prices.
  1. Be sure to ask for plenty of references and portfolios.  Sometimes choosing the right wedding photographer simply comes down to liking one photographer’s pictures over another.  Follow up with references to see what the photographer is like on the actual wedding day.  Was the photographer on time?  Did he or she capture the best moments?  Was he or she quick to respond to emails and phone calls?  Ask these questions to get an accurate idea of a photographer’s professionalism.

Use these tips and techniques to find the best photographer for the most important day of your life: your wedding day!

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