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Today’s couples have more options than ever when it comes to wedding stationery. While this gives you plenty of room for creativity and personalization, it can also make the process a little daunting if you’re not quite sure what you want. Relax. We’ve got you covered. Discovering or designing your perfect wedding invitations is easy with a few simple steps.


The worst thing you can do is wait until the last second to start the process of picking out your invites or save the date cards. There’s probably a lot bigger selection than you realize! Begin the process at least 3-4 months before the big day. This will give you plenty of time to find the perfect selection in order to send them out 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

For destination weddings, you’ll want to get started even earlier: Begin looking 1 year before the wedding, and send them out 6-9 months before the wedding. Doing so will give everybody on the guest list plenty of time to make arrangements, and make the entire process much less stressful.


If you already have an idea of your wedding theme or the colors you’d like, then this step should be easy. If you have no idea what you’re going for, take heart. A little browsing will help you nail down the themes, colors, and designs that fit your personality.

Wedding blogs, social media, and magazines may offer inspiration. Also, look around your home and the decor you have already. What do you love about it? Consider incorporating some of those aspects in your wedding design.

Narrow down your focus to make searching invitations less daunting.


Seeing various paper textures and colors up close and in person will give you a much better idea of which ones are your favorites.

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Before ordering, you’ll need to know exactly how many invitations you need. This will help you avoid costly mistakes (not ordering extras and having to go back to order more later). Remember to count households rather than the number of guests, and add in enough to cover your B-list (usually 10 to 20 extra per 100 to 150 invitations).

Knowing your final tally before making a decision might also help you narrow down options. If you’re stuck between a few selections you really love, cost might be the deciding factor. More guests mean a higher price tag, so you might choose the more economical option.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of stamps for both the mailing of the invites, and the RSVP card. You’ll also need to price professional addressing of the invitation to give them an overall chic appearance.


Sometimes you just need a pro to help you figure things out. Sit down with a designer and discuss your vision for the big day. Having another eye can really help you narrow down options and pinpoint a design you’ll fall absolutely in love with.

A professional designer can also help you keep things within your budget, and answer any questions you might have about etiquette and other wedding stationery essentials.

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Looking for lively spring colors and popular designs?


We’ve got ’em all right here!

When people think of spring weddings, they usually envision flowers and lush greenery.
While many springtime weddings are all those things, there is an endless number of
themes and designs that correlate with this most lively time of year,
and a rainbow of spring colors to tie them all together!

Having a little trouble coming up with just the right idea for your big day?
Get inspired by the ten most popular spring hues from the
Pantone Fashion Color Report – Spring 2016!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Spring doesn’t have to mean all pink and yellow roses (although it certainly can). Many brides and grooms are now choosing colors that mean something to them and are a reflection of their personalities. Fiesta is a fun and energetic color for those who want to say “come celebrate!” for instance. Softer hues such as lilac grey and rose quartz offer a sentimental meaning and a more traditionally romantic appeal.

Other colors hold symbolic meaning to them that can be incorporated into your big day.
For instance, our Iced Coffee is a soft brown hue. Brown has historically represented tradition and warmth, making it ideal for a “down home” wedding or ceremonies involving family
or religious customs. Peach represents immortality in many cultures, allowing it to represent love’s undying nature.

Invitations using blue colors, such as our Serenity and Snorkel Blue options are perfect for nautical themes, seaside weddings, or destination weddings. Additionally, blue often stands for security and stability, something some couples may want to incorporate into their themes to represent how they feel for one another.

These colors and many more are available now in a wide range of invitations
and all your other wedding stationery. Find them here!

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Wedding Wars: Conquering the Invitations

Turmoil and overwhelming options torment couples about to conquer their wedding invitations to-do. Creative ideas and reinforcements must be found. Perfectly Invited design troops are amassing for the fight to aid couples overrun by options to create the perfect invitation…

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Popping the Question: Buffet vs. Plated Dinner at the Wedding?

We know, we know.  When you read “popping the question” in the title of this article, the issue of serving your guests dinner at your reception didn’t exactly spring to mind.  In fact, you probably got swept away in thoughts about your sweetheart’s romantic proposal, where he bent down on one knee and presented you with the sparkling diamond that you’ve got on right now.

But when it comes to wedding planning, one of the most crucial questions you can ask yourself will pertain to what type of dinner you’ll be serving your guests at the reception.  The two options – buffet and plated dinner – each have their own proponents and naysayers, which might make this a complicated issue for you to dive into.

If you’re on the fence about either dinner option, don’t fret: here are some great ways to decide between serving your guests a buffet or a plated dinner:

  • First, consider the type of wedding that you’ll be holding.  The dinner plays a crucial role in maintaining the atmosphere of your reception, be it an elegant black-tie affair or a casual backyard wedding.  Think about it this way: the more elegant the wedding, the more likely it is that you’ll need to serve a plated dinner.  While every couple is free to set their own rules, keep the comfort and expectations of your guest in mind: if they spend several hundred dollars on outfits and gifts for a black-tie affair, they’re probably expecting a similar gesture in the form of a lovely plated dinner.
  • If your wedding isn’t a black-tie event, take a careful look at your budget to see what you can afford.  You may be surprised at which option is the most affordable for you and your sweetheart.  For example, many venues often include the price of plated dinners within the overall fee, while some caterers will charge a great deal of money in addition to the venue fee to serve a buffet.  Keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to explore both options.
  • If you love the casual atmosphere of a buffet but want to keep things elegant, consider food “bars.”  Each bar will have a specific theme, like a steak bar, a sushi bar, or a mashed potato bar.  This adds a fun and unique twist without sacrificing the fun of a buffet setting.

No matter which option you pick, make sure it’s the right one for you and your sweetheart.  After all, no one wants to start their married lives in debt due to the food served at the wedding.

DJ Wedding Tips

The Ultimate Wedding Question: Hire a DJ or a Band?

Let’s face it: you don’t want to have just any wedding – you want to have the party of the year.  You want to throw the kind of wedding that’s so fun and exciting, your friends will be talking about it for years to come.  You’ve got the food in place, the perfect venue booked, and a dress that will stun and amaze…

Now all you need to do is hire a DJ or a band.

Not surprisingly, this can be one of the biggest dilemmas couples face when planning a wedding.  The music at a reception can set a critical tone in determining the events of the night: play the right music, and the wedding’s a blast.  Play the wrong music, however, and the reception quickly becomes a letdown.

You want your guests to have the time of their lives, which is why you’re taking this question so seriously.  So if you’re still on the fence as to whether you should hire a DJ or a wedding band, keep the following advice in mind:

  • Think about the type of bride you are and your musical tastes.  If you and your sweetheart love an eclectic array of music that many bands won’t know about, you might want to consider hiring a DJ.  If, however, you love nothing more than getting down to the latest hits and the classics of yesteryear, a wedding band can be a viable option.
  • Consider your budget.  While a wedding band and DJ can both run at similar price ranges, you’ll be expected to feed your band while they’re at the reception.  This could end up costing you a few extra hundred dollars in costs, depending on the size of the band and the price of the plates.  However, don’t emphasize cost over quality – the DJ or the wedding band singer is going to be the one introducing you and your sweetheart as a newly married couple.  If someone has a wonderful vibe and truly “gets” you as a DJ or wedding band, you should go with your gut instinct.
  • Read customer reviews before hiring any DJ or wedding band.  You don’t want to discover any nasty surprises on the night of your wedding – like your DJ likes to go to gigs drunk or the wedding singer who loves to play every Whitney Houston song known to man.

If you’re still confused about the issue, outsource it to your future husband; one of the traditional tasks of the groom is to pick the music for the wedding.  It’s a great way to check another task off your growing wedding to-do list!

Alcohol Wedding Reception

Is There a Need for a Cocktail Reception Before Dinner?

Cocktail Reception Before Dinner?Admit it: you’re struggling with an important decision about your wedding.  You want to plan the kind of wedding that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come – but you don’t want to bankrupt your savings just to do it.  That’s why you’re considering slashing the cocktail reception altogether.  After all, that single hour of an open bar and hors d’oeuvres can save you thousands of dollars – so why is there a need for a cocktail reception before dinner?

Don’t be too quick to forgo the cocktail reception – take a look at the following reasons why you may want to keep that hour sandwiched between your ceremony and reception:

  1. The cocktail reception gives you and your wedding party the chance to sneak away with the photographer for posed pictures.  This is especially important if you’re holding your ceremony and reception in the same area, as you don’t want your guests wandering around without anything to do.  The cocktail reception keeps your wedding guests happy while you and your new hubby take all the cute pictures you want together as a newly wed couple.
  2. A cocktail reception puts your guests in a happy and relaxed mood.  Remember, your wedding is as much about your guests as it is about you and your new husband.  Some of your guests may have even spent the last hour or two on the road before your ceremony.  The cocktail hour is the first chance your guests may have for a bite to eat, to relax and start getting in the party mood.
  3. A cocktail reception gives your guests the time to socialize with friends and introduce themselves to one another before they start getting seated for the reception.  Having your guests break the ice is a critical part of ensuring that your wedding is a hit.  After all, you don’t want the ice breaking to occur when you’re ready to hit the dance floor – you want your guests to jump out there as soon as the music starts playing!

As you can see, having the cocktail reception is a critical part of throwing a memorable and fun wedding.  But if you want to save money on your cocktail reception, ask your venue if they can include it with the overall price of the venue.  If not, forgo the happy hour and have a cash bar instead.  It’s a great way to enjoy the benefits of a cocktail hour without spending thousands of dollars on alcohol.

Wedding Programs Wedding Tips

Do You Need to Have a Wedding Program?

The buzz around wedding programs often falls into two camps: those people who believe that wedding programs are indispensable for weddings, and those who think it’s pretty intuitive and unnecessary to include.  You, on the other hand, aren’t in any particular camp – and that’s exactly why you’re still wondering if you need to have a wedding program.

So when it comes down to it, do you actually need to have a wedding program?  Whether you’re having a traditional ceremony or an outdoor affair, consider these pros and cons of having a wedding program:

Pros of the Wedding Program

If you’re having a wedding that incorporates a great deal of cultural or traditional ceremonies that your guests might not understand, a wedding program is absolutely indispensable.  In fact, any traditional Catholic, Jewish, Hindi or religious ceremony that involves a great deal of prayer or cultural rituals should have a wedding program to provide guests information about what they should say, when they should stand, and explain the significance of the prayers and rituals.

Wedding programs can also provide your guests with the information they need to get to a different location.  If your reception is held at a different venue than your ceremony, a wedding program can give your guests the directions they need to arrive right on time.

Don’t forget, wedding programs are an appropriate manner in which to formally recognize your bridal party, including ushers, and everyone else who was helpful in making your big day possible.  Programs are also especially helpful to guests who want to identify and remember the names of parents from both sides, best man, maid-of-honor and the officiant, so that they don’t have to embarrass themselves if they don’t know or can’t remember the names of key people in the bridal party.

Cons of the Wedding Program

The cost of having a wedding program can be high, especially if you have to include a great deal of information about your ceremony and reception.  If you’re already on a budget, you might be tempted to reallocate the money reserved for a wedding program to another part of your big day.

Some couples are also very adamant about having “green” weddings, which is why wedding programs might be a drawback.  Throughout the course of the night, your wedding guests may be tossing around your program or leaving them behind while they tear up the dance floor.  This means your wedding could potentially produce a lot of waste, which might not fit into an environmental-friendly wedding.

So What’s the Bottom Line?

Wedding programs can provide your guests with an invaluable amount of information, including directions to different venue locations and the significance of prayers and cultural traditions.

However, make sure your budget allows for wedding programs, as you don’t want to stretch your money more than you have to. If you’d like to have a program, consider printing black & white programs to save money as B&W printing costs significantly less then color printing.  SaveTheDateForLess offers the ability to opt for a color cover with B&W insides pages so you can have a splash of color without breaking the bank.

It is also possible to have a short program on “green” paper that is FSC-certified. Look out for this logo:


FSC certified papers ensure sustainable forest management and environmentally responsible forestry. In addition to multiple FSC certified papers, also offers 100% cotton rag fine art paper isn’t made from any wood pulp, instead it uses environmentally-friendly cotton fibers. can print a program that you already designed, or you can even have us design one for you to match your invitations and wedding theme.

Wedding Etiquette Wedding Tips

Should I Have the Best Man and Maid of Honor Provide Advance Speeches?

best man speechIt’s a situation you’ve run over and over in your head – your best man or maid of honor standing up to address your loved ones with an amazing speech.

You prepare yourself for the inevitable waterworks as your best man or maid of honor smiles lovingly at you, opens his or her mouth…

And then proceeds to tell that wildly embarrassing story from college when you got stuck in a dorm window…for three whole hours.

It’s not exactly a standout moment for your wedding, especially if you’re going for an elegant affair.  And with more best men and maids of honor pressured to provide funny speeches, it’s no surprise they’re crossing the line between funny and just plain cringe-worthy.

Which leaves you to mull over the inevitable question:  Should I have the best man and maid of honor provide their speeches in advance?

Let’s explore the pros and cons of this urgent issue:

  • The benefits of having these crucial members of your wedding party provide their speeches to you in advance are tenfold.  The most obvious reason, of course, is your ability to veto any stories that might embarrass or upset you on what’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life.  If you see that your maid of honor is gearing up to reveal your not-so-flattering childhood nickname or your best man wants to tell a story that’s not fit for Grandma’s ears, gently remind them that while you think the speech is great, it’ll need to be edited due to elderly members of the audience.  It’s a great way to get the edits to stick without hurting his or her feelings.
  • While you may be mulling over the benefit listed above, the drawback to knowing what your best man or maid of honor is going to say at your reception is…well, knowing exactly what they’re going to say!  Best man and maid of honor speeches are meant to be touching tributes – and if you start editing the content, you may be undermining the sentiments expressed in the speeches.

So how do you decide between these very valid arguments?  Simple: consider your audience.  If you have a large number of conservative family members attending your wedding, let your best man or maid of honor know that the speeches need to be PG rated.

Other than that, it’s all fair game…so good luck

Bridal Party

The Roles of the Bridal Party

role of bridal partyThe roles of the bridal party are critical to pulling off your dream wedding without a single hitch.  After all, these ladies are more than the girls who will throw you a wild bachelorette party or ensure that the train of your wedding dress is absolutely spotless before you walk down the aisle.  These are the girls who represent your closest female friends – and they were chosen to share in the most special day of your life.

When it comes to the roles of the bridal party, it’s important to note that not everyone will get an equal share of the responsibility.  Let’s explore the many roles of the bridal party, including what they’re expected to do.

The Maid of Honor:

Think of the maid of honor as the VIP/executive assistant on your wedding day.  She’s the special friend or sister who you couldn’t imagine life without – and you want to honor her special place in your heart.  But like they say, with great power comes great responsibility.  Your maid of honor should write a speech for the reception, plan your bridal shower/bachelorette party, help you with the planning, and generally just be there for you when you feel like pulling your hair out from wedding stress.

The Bridesmaid:

The bridesmaid is a good friend or sister who you want to honor with a special place in your wedding.  While the bridesmaid doesn’t have as many responsibilities as your maid of honor, she should still be ready to help out when you need it.  Bridesmaids should also help out the maid of honor with planning parties – including the ever-famous bachelorette party.

The Mother of the Bride

Don’t forget to honor your mother during the happiest day of your life!  The mother of the bride gets to walk down the aisle as well (and some brides even opt to have their moms walk with them).  She should be primarily responsible for planning the bridal shower.  If your mother is paying for part of the wedding, you should expect to involve her in a LOT of wedding planning.

The Flower Girl

The flower girl should be a young girl (usually younger than ten) who is related to you or a relative of a close friend.  Her job is to walk down the aisle, throw flowers, and look irresistibly adorable!

Now that you know the roles of the bridal party, it’s time to let the special ladies in your life know just how much they mean to you with these wonderful titles. And when they send you a wedding gift, don’t forget to include a word of thanks for their time and efforts in helping out in your bridal party. Check out the beautiful thank you cards on