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Unique and Affordable Winter Bridal Bouquets


No, budgets are certainly not fun, but they are certainly necessary for many brides-to-be out there. You can still have a beautiful winter bridal bouquet for your winter wedding without going bankrupt! Read on to learn about some unique and affordable winter bouquet ideas that will inspire and excite you.

Baby’s Breath Will Take Your Breath Away

Baby’s breath is incredibly affordable and actually looks chic and romantic when carried in a lush bundle and adorned with a silky golden or lace ribbon. Its delicateness mimics the look of freshly fallen snowflakes and it also complements a vintage themed wedding.

White Can Be Nice

If too much red and green makes you nauseous around the holidays, consider carrying a large, white poinsettia. Its creamy tone will complement your gown and will photograph beautifully as your event’s candle light makes it radiate. You can even purchase these potted plants at your local grocery store and set them out in tables for a unifying theme.

Consider Carrying a Brooch Bouquet

Brooches can be purchased by the lot on many online auction sites and can be found for a dollar of less at many antique stores, flea markets, and estate auctions. You can arrange them into a bouquet on your own by following step by step directions online, or hire a florist for help. You can create a bouquet of all brooches or mix a few large white or red roses throughout. Either way, a brooch bouquet can be composed for about $25 or $30 on average, which is a huge difference from $125, which is the average cost of a bridal bouquet.

Get Ornamental

Did you plan a winter wedding around the holidays because everything about Christmas makes your heart skip a beat? If so, carry an ornament bouquet. Completely unique, arrange shiny and glittery ornaments, much like a brooch bouquet. You can mix a few flowers in, or carry all ornaments on your special day. Many dollar stores sell a dozen ornaments for a dollar, and even some fancier ornaments cost about $5-$10, which is still more affordable than spending a hundred dollars or so on a full, floral bouquet. Another added bonus? You’ll be able to keep your one of a kind creation forever!

You can have an awesome winter bridal bouquet for less; you just have to think outside of the box!

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Affordable and Fun Gift Baskets to Give as a Wedding Gift

Affordable Wedding Basket Gift Ideas
Gift baskets are fun to put together and also fun to receive. Whether you are the giver or the recipient, read on to learn about some affordable and fun baskets you can put together and give as a wedding gift.

Lotsa Pasta

Who doesn’t love pasta? Put together an Italian themed basket. Include specialty noodles (which you can find in the pasta aisle of your local grocery store for a dollar or two extra than traditional ones), jar your own tomato sauce, toss in a few pertinent dried herb bottles (like basil, oregano, and garlic powder-many stores offer them at 3 for a dollar), add some olive oil, and even pick up some cooking tools like a slotted spoon, and mini strainer, and a cheese grater. You can also find some barely used cookbooks that are in excellent shape for a very low price on some online market places that you can place in it as well! Mangiare!

Wine a Little

Pick up several bottles of wine that are on sale at your local liquor store. Print out several labels on your computer that highlight the couple’s potential firsts-First House, First Baby, First Anniversary, First Fight, etc. Type up an explanation of the basket and place it in a dollar store frame. Explain to the couple that they are only to open each bottle of wine when a first moment has occurred! If you have some extra dollars to burn, place cork stoppers, a wine aerator, and even personalized wine glasses inside as well!

Movie Night

Write a little note that describes the intent of the basket-for cozy nights in on the couch. Add a blanket; some Oscar nominated flicks, bags of microwave popcorn, flavored popcorn mixes, milk duds, licorice, (or whatever candy is on sale at the store). It’s a sweet and thoughtful gesture, which is light on your budget and which the couple is sure to appreciate.

Picnic Basket

Picnic baskets can be very expensive. You can absolutely make your own, based on your budget. Pick up a basket that closely resembles one of these romantic, recreational baskets at your local dollar store or flea market. Add in some basic white plates, silverware, a thermos, a checkered cloth to sit on, and some wine glasses. All items can be purchased two for a dollar at most bargain stores, and you can even scan flea markets for cheap but beautiful lace napkins, placemats, etc.

Now that you have your basket all ready, deliver it with a lasting impression that counts. Starting at just $9.95, add a custom printed fun balloon as the center piece. Quality printers like Mimosa Digital can take any photo, from an old print to a digital photo, add words if requested, and print it on 11″ round or heart-shaped balloons. Best of all, you can order yours online.

Consider putting together one of these fun and affordable gift baskets for your next upcoming wedding!

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Heart to Heart – Five Reasons Why You Should Host a Valentine’s Themed Engagement Party

engagement-ring-hear-590If you’re newly engaged, you’ve probably started to discuss how you are going to make your big news official, in front of your beloved friends and family members. One of the best things about getting engaged during the holidays and early winter months is that you can throw a Valentine’s themed engagement party! Perfect for couples who are pinching their pennies; here are five reasons why you should totally consider hosting this fabulous, fun, and festive affair.

Reason #1-Carnations are Cheap!

Carnations are a very popular Valentine’s Day flower that are ultra-affordable and are in season. They can fill vases on tables and a bar, or even be handed to each guest as they walk into your party (everyone loves getting flowers!). You can find them virtually anywhere. In fact, they are widely stocked in grocery store floral departments and cost a fraction of the price of what you’d pay at a florist’s shop.

Reason #2-Candy, Candy, and More Candy

Valentine’s candy can serve as part of your décor, can be used as dessert instead of a cake, and can serve as your party favor. Whether you buy heart shaped chocolate boxes in bulk, or set up a serve yourself dessert table; all candy put out at this time is designed in classic red and pink colors, is budget friendly (strips of heart-shaped pops cost only a dollar); and are just fun!

Reason #3-You Can Do Fondue

If you love fondue, you can totally get away with hosting a dipping party for your Valentine’s event! Fondue is relatively affordable to put together and super simple to cook up on your own. Plus, it can be extremely romantic if pots are placed intimately at each table, or a lot of candles are lit around your set-up. Opt to serve a cheese appetizer in place of an entrée; as bread cubes, crackers, and veggies will not break the bank!

Reason #4-Love is in the Air

If you wanted to have an engagement party around any holiday, Valentine’s Day makes the most sense. You can create a playlist filled with the most romantic love songs of all time, decorate your venue with heart decorations, and your happily married guests’ love for one another will contribute to the overall vibe and ambiance. An added bonus? Your single friends and family members will not be alone on this Hallmark holiday and can even be set up during your event!

Reason #5-Valentine Invitations

How cute would it be to send a Valentine as an invitation in lieu of a formal, printed one? Valentines are only a few dollars a box and will set the tone that your engagement party is clearly going to be held on or around this holiday, and is sure to be casual, creative, yet fun!

These five reasons alone will get you in the mood to celebrate your love with others who are in love around you!

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Choosing a Special Wedding Gift for Your New Spouse

blog-gifts-for-spouseEveryone knows that a marriage itself is a gift; however, many couples still choose to exchange a present after exchanging vows. Read on to learn how you can choose a special wedding gift for your new spouse that they will cherish nearly as much as you!

First, consider signing up for a boudoir session with your local photographer. This has certainly become one hot trend with newly married couples! The pictures are provocative, romantic, but remain completely classy. Not only are they fun to shoot, but they will be fun to pull out and view for years to come. Plus, these pictures make a statement. They silently declare that you are full of passion and want your partner to remain full of passion as well! If a professional shoot is out of your budget, all you need are some tasteful undergarments and a faithful and fabulous friend to play photographer! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not extend the preview the surprise with a teaser custom photo card and then present him with a beautifully designed flush mounted album with the collection of photos. Or, consider other photo gifts.

Next, many couples are huge fans of exchanging matching time pieces. These watches are worn every day and they are also symbolic of the commitment you both entered into for all “time.” Whether you want to pick up a designer pair or opt for something simple and standard; it is a gift that you will get years of use out of and will help make the hours pass by as you glance at it when you are away from one another.

Finally, consider what your spouse is into. No one knows you both best like one another. Sporting event or concert tickets are gifts that you can both utilize. You can also plan a weekend getaway or sign up for a couple’s massage to unwind after the big day. Many newly married couples are discouraging one another from purchasing separate gifts and are totally into gifting each other a shared experience.

Consider these three simple and totally doable ideas if you want to impress your mate with a meaningful, post-wedding “I do” gift.

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Why Should You Go to a Bridal Show When You’ve Already Got Pinterest?

blog-Great-Bridal-Expo-PromoWhat is your wedding theme and color? Have you chosen a venue yet? How big is your wedding? What stationery are you using? Have you picked your cake or flowers? Are you taking dance lessons? Handing out party favors? Where are your in-laws staying? Have you thought about the food? What is the style and color of your bridesmaids’ dresses? Who is doing your makeup? Brooch bouquet or natural flowers? Does all this stuff match your Save the Date cards!? Venues, and veils and Guests, OH MY! No one said planning one of the biggest days of your life would be easy, but we can help and you don’t have to go it alone.

blog-great-bridal-expo-pinterestIt’s time to make wedding planning easy! Dive deep into the world of wedding planning and have a great day with your bridesmaids looking at potential flowers, center pieces, gowns, and stationery for your wedding. There are a lot online and magazine resources to help you plan, but it can become difficult to keep it all organized. Have you spent hours on Pinterest, pinning up all your hopes and dreams for your wedding? But now what? Most links on Pinterest don’t even work and the stuff in the magazines is always over budget–am I right?

The Great Bridal Expo is easily one of the most popular bridal shows and it tours around the country. This year, the show kicked off in Washington, DC. What? It’s already happened? Keep calm. There are still more shows ahead!

Go Big this weekend in the Big Apple and in Philly! Or, swing by in October in the great city of Baltimore!

Yes, you can get help with all things wedding–from professionals! Your bridesmaids are invaluable, but when was the last time they designed the perfect stationery with exactly that one font with all the curlicues and in that particular color that matches your fiancée’s eyes? And, do you really trust them to pick songs for the DJ? Remember the chicken dance?

Bridal shows are also the place where you can win amazing things like wedding invitations valued at more than $100, center pieces and jewelry – heck, you can even get your nails done. Have a day with your bridesmaids and check out in person what really fits your style for your perfect big day.  Don’t get bogged down trying to stay afloat in this crazy wedding planning world. Pick a theme, pick a color, and pick a date!

Join experienced professionals this weekend or the next week! Win prizes and support from all kinds of specialty bridal stores. The professionals are here to make your day perfect. They are here to help make all your dreams come true.

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Guests of Honor

You can make each and every guest feel like they are the guest of honor at your wedding celebration. Your friends and family will appreciate the little extras you throw their way (especially since some of them have traveled a long way to attend your event) and will be impressed with your creativity and thoughtfulness. Here are three little things that you can do that will make one big impression.

Tip #1 Napkin Notes

It’s going to be very difficult to get around and have a lengthy conversation with each guest. Why not say hello and thank friends and family for attending your event by leaving them a personalized note on their dinner napkin? Using the inside of your place cards makes this easy. It will be the first thing they read as they sit down to enjoy dinner and will show them that you took an extra step to show that you care and appreciate their attendance and support!


Tip #2 Goodie Guest Bags

Roll out the red carpet for your guests that are staying the night in a hotel room that you have taken the liberty of reserving for them. Place a goodie bag filled with personalized items to really wow your friends and family from out of town. Fill the bags with each person’s favorite snack, beer, wine, candy, and be sure to write a personal welcome and thank you note to each guest staying the night. It shows that you have taken into consideration their efforts in attending your special day.

Tip #3 Menu Cards

Consider placing a menu card on each guest’s plate that outlines each course and presents guests with their dining menu-cardoptions. It is a courtesy that your guests will appreciate so they can put thought into their meal selections, not be put on the spot; and will impress them with your attention to detail.

Every guest should feel like they are the guest of honor at your wedding. Consider trying these three tips to help each friend and family member feel as though you’ve gone above and beyond to thank them and make them comfortable before, during, and after your event.

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The Roles of the Bridal Party

role of bridal partyThe roles of the bridal party are critical to pulling off your dream wedding without a single hitch.  After all, these ladies are more than the girls who will throw you a wild bachelorette party or ensure that the train of your wedding dress is absolutely spotless before you walk down the aisle.  These are the girls who represent your closest female friends – and they were chosen to share in the most special day of your life.

When it comes to the roles of the bridal party, it’s important to note that not everyone will get an equal share of the responsibility.  Let’s explore the many roles of the bridal party, including what they’re expected to do.

The Maid of Honor:

Think of the maid of honor as the VIP/executive assistant on your wedding day.  She’s the special friend or sister who you couldn’t imagine life without – and you want to honor her special place in your heart.  But like they say, with great power comes great responsibility.  Your maid of honor should write a speech for the reception, plan your bridal shower/bachelorette party, help you with the planning, and generally just be there for you when you feel like pulling your hair out from wedding stress.

The Bridesmaid:

The bridesmaid is a good friend or sister who you want to honor with a special place in your wedding.  While the bridesmaid doesn’t have as many responsibilities as your maid of honor, she should still be ready to help out when you need it.  Bridesmaids should also help out the maid of honor with planning parties – including the ever-famous bachelorette party.

The Mother of the Bride

Don’t forget to honor your mother during the happiest day of your life!  The mother of the bride gets to walk down the aisle as well (and some brides even opt to have their moms walk with them).  She should be primarily responsible for planning the bridal shower.  If your mother is paying for part of the wedding, you should expect to involve her in a LOT of wedding planning.

The Flower Girl

The flower girl should be a young girl (usually younger than ten) who is related to you or a relative of a close friend.  Her job is to walk down the aisle, throw flowers, and look irresistibly adorable!

Now that you know the roles of the bridal party, it’s time to let the special ladies in your life know just how much they mean to you with these wonderful titles. And when they send you a wedding gift, don’t forget to include a word of thanks for their time and efforts in helping out in your bridal party. Check out the beautiful thank you cards on



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Deciding on Bridesmaid Dress Colors and Styles

 You’ve finally chosen the special women in your life that you want by your side when you’re getting married.  Whether they’re your best friends, sisters, or cousins, these women represent some of the closest bonds you’ve formed throughout your life (except, of course, for the bond you have with your future husband!).  That’s exactly why you want to pick gorgeous bridesmaid dresses that will flatter your bridal party as well as match the theme of your wedding reception.

Of course, this is all easier said than done.  With so many different body types to account for, it can be difficult to select a universally flattering bridesmaid dress style.  And what happens if your wedding colors aren’t exactly dress friendly?

Not to worry: this article will help you decide on the best bridesmaid dress colors and styles for your wedding ceremony.

The Bridesmaid Dresses That Flatter Everyone

First, it’s important to note which bridesmaid dress styles are flattering on all body types.  You may be tempted to give your bridesmaids strapless dresses, but keep in mind that this isn’t exactly flattering to women with larger busts or arms.  Therefore, consider buying dresses with delicate spaghetti straps or gorgeous sheer sleeves.  You may also want to consider going with a longer dress style, particularly if you’re having your wedding in an elegant indoor space, like a ballroom.

Speaking of length, be sure your bridesmaid dresses hit at a flattering part of the leg.  Dresses that hit above the knee are great for all leg shapes.  Avoid dresses that hit below the knee or in the middle of the calf, as this can make shapely legs look much bigger.

How To Choose The Best Bridesmaid Dress Color

When it comes to choosing the best bridesmaid dress color, you’ll want to incorporate the dresses in your wedding theme.  When planning your wedding, you’ll choose two or three wedding colors that will be incorporated throughout the ceremony and reception.  Therefore, the bridesmaid dresses should pick up on one of these colors.

When choosing the color, be sure to pick the wedding color that will be most flattering on your girls.  A nice neutral color like chocolate is always a safe choice (if your neutral color is white or cream, avoid picking this color – you want to stand out up there at the altar!).  If you want to opt for one of your brighter colors, make sure that it flatters the complexions of your bridesmaids.  For example, blue is universally flattering, while coral or hot pink can only be worn by certain complexions and body shapes.

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Tips On Selecting a Make-Up Artist

It goes without saying that you want to look your best on your wedding day.  That’s why you’ve taken the time to choose the best wedding dress that will make your guests drop their jaws in amazement.  You’ve also been hitting up the gym to ensure that you look your absolute best.  You’ve even been making regular appointments at your local spa to get rejuvenating facials and glow-boosting treatments.

So it’s no wonder you want to select a make-up artist that will highlight your features and make you look absolutely gorgeous on the most important day of your life!

Choosing a make-up artist should be just as important to your wedding planning process as choosing a DJ or a caterer.  After all, a make-up artist can either enhance your natural beauty or make you look completely different.  And since your wedding will be captured on film forever, you want to find a make-up artist who will make you look like a glamorous movie star.

Wondering how to find that make-up artist?  Here’s how to select the best make-up artist for your wedding!

Take Advantage of Free Makeovers

In order to attract your business, make-up artists will typically offer a free makeover to demonstrate what they can do.  Don’t feel bad for taking advantage of this service – after all, it’s going to help you make your final decision!

Don’t forget to bring along a member of your bridal party with you.  This should be a close friend or relative who will be able to tell you honestly how you look.  The make-up artist can also give the bridesmaid a free makeover, which will illustrate how she’ll make your bridal party look on the big day.

Consider Your Budget

Don’t forget that your budget will play a big role in finally deciding which make-up artist you’d like to opt for.  Remember, you should be able to pay your make-up artist for doing your make-up, as well as the make-up of your bridal party, your mother, and the mother of the groom.  If you can’t afford to do the make-up of all these people, be sure to tell the make-up artist that you’d like her to only do your make-up.  This will give you a more accurate price point to work with.

Selecting a make-up artist doesn’t have to be a big affair – just use these tips and you’ll find the right person in no time!

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How Can I Limit the Size of My Bridal Party?

Now that you’re getting married to the love of your life, you want all of your friends and loved ones to be part of your bridal party.  You thought you could have a large group of your sisters and best friends in your bridal party – but unfortunately, it’s just not something you can do anymore.  Perhaps the budget doesn’t allow for such a large bridal party, or maybe your bridal party will far outnumber his groomsmen.

Whatever the case may be, you need to learn how to limit the size of your bridal party without putting precious friendships and bonds at risk.

Not to worry – we’ve outlined the tips and techniques that will let you limit the size of your bridal party without risking the relationships you love.

Have a Destination Wedding

At first glance, destination weddings might seem like an expensive endeavor.  After all, you have to plan for hotels, plane tickets, and a number of other costly expenses.  But destination weddings also have an amazing ability to cut down on the number of guests who can afford to attend.  No matter where the destination, having a wedding with only one hundred guests is a lot more affordable than a hometown wedding with 250 guests!

A destination wedding can help you limit the size of your bridal party because not all of your friends and loved ones will be able to attend.  Therefore, you can place the blame on budget limitations.  Speaking of which, that brings us to our next technique…

Blame Your Budget

If you want to save face, you can always blame your budget.  If you’re worried that loved ones and friends will be hurt that they’re not in the wedding party, you can gently point out that you and your fiancé don’t have enough money for a large bridal party.  You can also use this excuse if someone else is paying for your wedding.

Choose Only Family Members

Finally, you can always have a family-only bridal party.  This is a great option if you have the good fortune of having too many good friends to choose from.  Have your sisters and future sisters-in-law make up your bridal party.  That way, your friends won’t be hurt and you’ll be able to make everyone feel valued during your ceremony.

If you really want to involve all of your closest friends in your wedding, consider having some friends read a poem or play a piece of music during your ceremony.

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