Bridal Party Wedding Etiquette

How Should I Choose My Bridal Party?

The man of your dreams just proposed to you with a shining diamond, and you’ve just told your friends and family members the big news.  Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to get started on wedding planning – and that includes choosing the loved ones who will make up your bridal party.

For some brides, choosing the bridal party is a simple matter.  They’ve had their bridesmaids in mind since they first started dating The One – and it only comes down to making a phone call or sending out an email to the lucky few.  But for other brides, choosing the bridal party isn’t so easy.  What happens if you have too many great friends to choose from?  What if you have several sisters?  What happens if your best friend happens to be a man?

Take a deep breath and relax: we’ve outlined the best tips and techniques for choosing your bridal party.

Forget the Rules

If you’re a stickler for tradition, choosing the bridal party will be relatively simple: your closest sister should be your maid of honor, with your remaining sisters and best friends as your bridesmaids.  If you don’t have any sisters, your best friend or future sister-in-law should be your maid of honor.

But today’s modern bride doesn’t have to follow these traditional rules.  Therefore, don’t feel like you “should” choose your sister over your best friend, despite not being that close to her.  Additionally, you don’t have to ignore your best friend just because he happens to be a man.  These days, you can have a “man of honor” or as many bridesmaids as you want – it’s all up to you!

Be Diplomatic

If you’re fortunate to be blessed with plenty of best friends and sisters, you’ll need to be diplomatic when selecting your bridal party.  If you have to leave some loved ones out, don’t make an announcement on Facebook – this can be very insensitive.  Send a polite email or make a phone call.  Let your other friends know that you would have loved for them to be bridesmaids, but your budget meant you could only choose a few (this is an especially good excuse if you’re not paying for the wedding).  Consider asking them to play another role in your wedding, like reading a poem or playing a solo piece when everyone’s taking their seats at the ceremony.

Now that you know how to choose your bridal party, you can focus on other things – like enjoying being engaged to the love of your life!

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