Bridal Party Wedding Tips

Deciding on Bridesmaid Dress Colors and Styles

 You’ve finally chosen the special women in your life that you want by your side when you’re getting married.  Whether they’re your best friends, sisters, or cousins, these women represent some of the closest bonds you’ve formed throughout your life (except, of course, for the bond you have with your future husband!).  That’s exactly why you want to pick gorgeous bridesmaid dresses that will flatter your bridal party as well as match the theme of your wedding reception.

Of course, this is all easier said than done.  With so many different body types to account for, it can be difficult to select a universally flattering bridesmaid dress style.  And what happens if your wedding colors aren’t exactly dress friendly?

Not to worry: this article will help you decide on the best bridesmaid dress colors and styles for your wedding ceremony.

The Bridesmaid Dresses That Flatter Everyone

First, it’s important to note which bridesmaid dress styles are flattering on all body types.  You may be tempted to give your bridesmaids strapless dresses, but keep in mind that this isn’t exactly flattering to women with larger busts or arms.  Therefore, consider buying dresses with delicate spaghetti straps or gorgeous sheer sleeves.  You may also want to consider going with a longer dress style, particularly if you’re having your wedding in an elegant indoor space, like a ballroom.

Speaking of length, be sure your bridesmaid dresses hit at a flattering part of the leg.  Dresses that hit above the knee are great for all leg shapes.  Avoid dresses that hit below the knee or in the middle of the calf, as this can make shapely legs look much bigger.

How To Choose The Best Bridesmaid Dress Color

When it comes to choosing the best bridesmaid dress color, you’ll want to incorporate the dresses in your wedding theme.  When planning your wedding, you’ll choose two or three wedding colors that will be incorporated throughout the ceremony and reception.  Therefore, the bridesmaid dresses should pick up on one of these colors.

When choosing the color, be sure to pick the wedding color that will be most flattering on your girls.  A nice neutral color like chocolate is always a safe choice (if your neutral color is white or cream, avoid picking this color – you want to stand out up there at the altar!).  If you want to opt for one of your brighter colors, make sure that it flatters the complexions of your bridesmaids.  For example, blue is universally flattering, while coral or hot pink can only be worn by certain complexions and body shapes.

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