Bridal Party Wedding Tips

Tips On Selecting a Make-Up Artist

It goes without saying that you want to look your best on your wedding day.  That’s why you’ve taken the time to choose the best wedding dress that will make your guests drop their jaws in amazement.  You’ve also been hitting up the gym to ensure that you look your absolute best.  You’ve even been making regular appointments at your local spa to get rejuvenating facials and glow-boosting treatments.

So it’s no wonder you want to select a make-up artist that will highlight your features and make you look absolutely gorgeous on the most important day of your life!

Choosing a make-up artist should be just as important to your wedding planning process as choosing a DJ or a caterer.  After all, a make-up artist can either enhance your natural beauty or make you look completely different.  And since your wedding will be captured on film forever, you want to find a make-up artist who will make you look like a glamorous movie star.

Wondering how to find that make-up artist?  Here’s how to select the best make-up artist for your wedding!

Take Advantage of Free Makeovers

In order to attract your business, make-up artists will typically offer a free makeover to demonstrate what they can do.  Don’t feel bad for taking advantage of this service – after all, it’s going to help you make your final decision!

Don’t forget to bring along a member of your bridal party with you.  This should be a close friend or relative who will be able to tell you honestly how you look.  The make-up artist can also give the bridesmaid a free makeover, which will illustrate how she’ll make your bridal party look on the big day.

Consider Your Budget

Don’t forget that your budget will play a big role in finally deciding which make-up artist you’d like to opt for.  Remember, you should be able to pay your make-up artist for doing your make-up, as well as the make-up of your bridal party, your mother, and the mother of the groom.  If you can’t afford to do the make-up of all these people, be sure to tell the make-up artist that you’d like her to only do your make-up.  This will give you a more accurate price point to work with.

Selecting a make-up artist doesn’t have to be a big affair – just use these tips and you’ll find the right person in no time!

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