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How to Ensure That Your Guests Have Fun at the Party!

Many brides-to-be dream of hosting a perfect and beautiful day. They sometimes forget that their wedding day should and could be fun too. Ensuring that your guests have fun at your reception can be a daunting task. They key is to plan something unique but easy for guests to partake in. Here are five ways to ensure that your guests can have fun and you can host an unforgettable event!

Set up a Home Made Photo Booth
wedding-photo-boothPhoto booths can be very expensive to rent. Brides on a budget do not have to forego this fun family and friend activity. Set up an oversized ornate frame at a designated corner in your reception hall or a section outside if you are exchanging vows in an outdoor area. Place a digital camera on a stool for guests to pose on and place a number of props nearby (boa, sunglasses, hats, masks). Set directions near the “booth” and allow your friends and family to click away. Print out each image and send it to them as a keepsake in your thank you notes!

Boast a Cake Topping Bar

Guests also find it fun when they get to design and dish up their own desserts. Set up a topping station so guests can embellish their piece of wedding cake or individual cupcake. Toppings like sprinkles, candy, fruit, and whipped cream are affordable and fun to add to plain pieces of cake, made to your guests’ liking.

Host a Dance Off

Nothing puts guests in a dancing mood more than a dance off-with prizes! Fill several bags with items like gas gift cards, massages, pedicures, and bottle of wine or liquor. Have everyone take part in cheering on their favorite dancers and ask your DJ or band to announce the winners of categories like, “Most Original Moves”, “Worst Moves,” “Drunkest Dancer,” or “Best Dance Moves.” It will break up the night and make your guests laugh and eager to get involved in the name of good fun.

Play a Song for Groups of Guests

Have some songs that are special to friends or family members? Maybe certain tunes help you remember your spring break with the ladies, a special moment with your siblings, or simply a fun time with family and friends. Throughout the night, ask the DJ or band to play these specific songs and announce who they are for to get everyone up dancing and reminiscing. It’s easy to do and completely unique.

Make a Signature Drink

blog-how-to-ensureIf you are getting married at your own home or a friend or family member’s estate, you have more flexibility when it comes to selecting what to serve and offering specialties at the bar.  Consider inviting your guests to create or mix their own drinks. It not only saves on a bartender for brides who are pinching pennies, but also allows your guests to get their creative juices (or spirits) flowing!

Making sure your guests have a good time is just as important as hosting a beautiful wedding. Consider trying some of the simple yet affordable suggestions above to help ensure a good time for all in attendance!

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How to Choose the Best Wedding Favors

wedding favor ideasThe best wedding favors are more than just little tokens of your love and appreciation for your wedding guests; they represent your acknowledgement of all the efforts that your family and friends have done to assist you throughout the course of wedding planning.  From the aunt who helped you repair the sole of your heels to the best friend who gave you pep talks when wedding stress seemed overwhelming, you want to honor your loved ones for everything they’ve done for you.

These are the exact reasons why you should choose the best wedding favors possible!

Forget choosing amusing knickknacks. Forget giving your guests potted plants that will only go unnoticed.  You want to wow and thank your guests with your wedding favors – and you’ll do exactly that with our advice:

  • One of the biggest mistakes brides and grooms make when choosing the best wedding favors is that they select cutesy knick-knacks that don’t really do anything for the guests.  Sure, that little boat replica might look adorable with your nautical-themed wedding, but honestly, who really wants something like that hanging around their house?

To avoid giving your wedding guests “clutter” wedding favors, think function instead of fashion.  This means that you’ll want to choose wedding favors that can aid your wedding guests in performing everyday activities.  A great idea can be a magnetic notepad that your guests can keep on their refrigerators.  To make this a truly functional gift, avoid monogramming it with your newlywed initials.  Instead, incorporate your wedding colors to ensure that more of your guests use your wedding favor.

  • Here’s a great idea if you’re hosting a vintage-style wedding: instead of a notepad, opt to give your guests the gift of a stationary set.  This is a unique and touching gift that may even encourage your guests to write a few letters to loved ones around the world.  And hey, everyone loves to receive letters – so why not give your guests the excuse?
  • Ultimately, the best wedding favors represent the middle ground between a functional gift and one that honors the look and feel of your wedding ceremony and reception.  Once you’ve met this middle ground, you’ve officially found the best wedding favors for your guests.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your wedding favors.  The more functional yet creative your wedding favors, the more impressed your guests will be!