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Unique and Affordable Winter Bridal Bouquets


No, budgets are certainly not fun, but they are certainly necessary for many brides-to-be out there. You can still have a beautiful winter bridal bouquet for your winter wedding without going bankrupt! Read on to learn about some unique and affordable winter bouquet ideas that will inspire and excite you.

Baby’s Breath Will Take Your Breath Away

Baby’s breath is incredibly affordable and actually looks chic and romantic when carried in a lush bundle and adorned with a silky golden or lace ribbon. Its delicateness mimics the look of freshly fallen snowflakes and it also complements a vintage themed wedding.

White Can Be Nice

If too much red and green makes you nauseous around the holidays, consider carrying a large, white poinsettia. Its creamy tone will complement your gown and will photograph beautifully as your event’s candle light makes it radiate. You can even purchase these potted plants at your local grocery store and set them out in tables for a unifying theme.

Consider Carrying a Brooch Bouquet

Brooches can be purchased by the lot on many online auction sites and can be found for a dollar of less at many antique stores, flea markets, and estate auctions. You can arrange them into a bouquet on your own by following step by step directions online, or hire a florist for help. You can create a bouquet of all brooches or mix a few large white or red roses throughout. Either way, a brooch bouquet can be composed for about $25 or $30 on average, which is a huge difference from $125, which is the average cost of a bridal bouquet.

Get Ornamental

Did you plan a winter wedding around the holidays because everything about Christmas makes your heart skip a beat? If so, carry an ornament bouquet. Completely unique, arrange shiny and glittery ornaments, much like a brooch bouquet. You can mix a few flowers in, or carry all ornaments on your special day. Many dollar stores sell a dozen ornaments for a dollar, and even some fancier ornaments cost about $5-$10, which is still more affordable than spending a hundred dollars or so on a full, floral bouquet. Another added bonus? You’ll be able to keep your one of a kind creation forever!

You can have an awesome winter bridal bouquet for less; you just have to think outside of the box!

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