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How to Throw a Bonfire Themed Wedding


Wedding themes can be fun and fit into any couple’s budget. You don’t have to put on a posh and pristine affair in order to wow guests and make your day memorable for one another. If you are planning on having a summer wedding, consider hosting a bonfire themed wedding! This works wonderfully if you are getting married on the beach, if you have access to an abundance of acreage, or are simply a country-loving, outdoorsman at heart. Be sure to exchange vows later in the evening, just as the sun sets, so as darkness falls; the emphasis is on the festive fire!

Step 1-Consider Your Seating

Whether you want guests to sit on large spread out blankets, or rustic Adirondack chairs or long wooden benches; seating is key to hosting a proper bonfire wedding. You can provide these festive seats, or encourage guests to bring their own; based on your budget. All seats should be arranged around your wood-burning fire pit.

Step 2-Light Up That Fire

If you are hosting a very intimate bonfire themed wedding, you can totally get away with using a medium sized, portable fire pit (which you may already own, or can borrow from a friend or family member). You can opt to use a gas powered pit for a zero maintenance evening, or have a pile of wood close by to keep the fire hot and blazing into evening hours. If you are having a large wedding, building a large fire pit is key. You also need plenty of wood to last throughout the night, and may want to consider hiring someone to maintain the fire (or simply ask a pal) so you can enjoy your evening and not have to worry about keeping the fire going (or getting super dirty).

Step 3-Must Have Music

One of the best things about a bonfire is enjoying acoustic tunes. Encourage your musically inclined guests to bring their guitar, or budget for a local musician to join in on the fun and entertain your guests for an hour or two!

Step 4-Pass the S’mores

No bonfire is complete without s’mores. In fact, this delectable dessert can be passed around in forego of your formal (and expensive) cake. Simply pre-bag marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars and have dozens of long, cleaned sticks in a large basket sitting out for your guests to grab and gobble when they are ready to!

Step 5-Set the Mood

Be sure to have plenty of mood lighting, in addition to your roaring fire. Line nearby trees and bushes with white string lights, set up lanterns, and light tea lights and place them in mason jars; setting them all around your venue. Be sure to have a basket full of extra blankets for your guests to utilize as the evening gets chilly, and have a wooden table set up nearby with buckets or coolers of beverages and other light refreshments!

One of the best things about hosting a bonfire themed wedding is that it is a totally laid back, carefree event which is big on charm and comfort; but is not a burden on your budget. All you need to do is tell your guests to arrive in comfortable, warm clothes and get ready to celebrate the burning hot love you have for one another!

Seating Charts Wedding Tips

How to Handle Seating Charts and Table Place Cards

table seating chartWhen it comes to planning out your big day, you want to focus on the fun details: what your wedding dress will look like, the look of pride and love in your sweetheart’s eyes as you walk down the aisle, how the champagne will taste as you toast to your future together.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many brides-to-be would rather do anything but focus on menial tasks like creating seating charts and table place cards!

While it’s certainly not as fun as picking out a wedding dress or planning a getaway with your bridal party, there’s no denying that mapping out seating charts is a vital part of ensuring a successful wedding.  You want to make sure that your guests are as comfortable as possible, which means taking away the stress of trying to find seating for everyone.

Here are some tips and techniques to help you handle planning out seating charts for your wedding:

  • Be considerate of your wedding guests.  You may have secret intentions of fixing up your single friends with your groom’s single friends, but it’s best not to push that during an hour-long dinner.  Instead, seat people who know each other together. Lump together extended relatives with other relatives, college friends with other university buddies, and so on.  As exhausting as it is, try to distance friends and relatives who may not like each other.  You’ll be grateful for your extra attention to this detail when Auntie Lydia doesn’t steal your thunder by loudly arguing with Auntie Sarah.
  • Always make the most of table place cards.  These handy devices provide your guests with visual cues about where they need to sit.  To help your guests find their tables, place their names and table numbers on the front of the table card.  This can prevent any traffic from forming in the reception room with wedding guests attempting to find their seats.
  • Incorporate your table place cards into the overall look and feel of your wedding.   For example, if you’re going for a vintage feel, you might want to have your guests’ name written in a regal font.  If you’re going for classic yet modern, choose a font that follows suit.  You can even customize the colors and textures of your table cards for a truly unique touch.

Remember, seating charts and table place cards are vital for ensuring that your guests can enjoy your wedding without the hassle of picking out their tables.  And be sure to check out all the beautiful table place card designs at