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How Much Liquor Should You Buy in Advance of Your Wedding?

There are many moments within your wedding that your guests are looking forward to.  Seeing you walk down the aisle in a resplendent dress is one of them.  Watching you and your sweetheart kiss for the first time as spouses is another.  And one of the most anticipated events for any wedding is when your guests are able to toast to your future happiness with a variety of festive cocktails and liquor!

Whether you’re planning on having a boozy and fun reception or just want to have a classy affair with champagne and wine, liquor is an essential part of any wedding.  After all, what would a reception be without the champagne toast or the cocktail hour?  However, there’s no denying that liquor can also represent a major expense to your wedding budget, especially if you’re hosting an open bar for the entire night.

Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to save on your bar tab, you and your honey may want to consider buying liquor in advance of your wedding.  If you’re planning on supplying your guests with your own liquor, here’s what you need to know:

  • Before you go out and buy the champagne, you may want to ask your reception host if they offer a champagne toast as part of the overall wedding package.  Many places offer champagne toasts for a certain number of guests within the total cost of the wedding, so clarify this before you start ordering that Moet.
  • Ask your reception location if it’s possible to supply the bar with your own liquor.  This can be a great way to save a considerable amount of money, as you won’t be paying for the actual liquor that’s being used.  However, this also means that the reception location may be losing out on money.  Asking first will ensure that there aren’t any hiccups right before the reception.
  • Bring your own bottles of wine to the reception.  While many reception locations may not allow you to supply your own hard liquor, almost all of them will allow you to supply your own bottles of wine.  This can save you hundreds of dollars on your bar tab, as you can buy wine for cheap at your local liquor store.  You may also want to consider buying online, as you can find a great deal of discounts if you’re ordering a large batch of wine.

Be sure to use these tips if you’re considering buying liquor in advance of your wedding!

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