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Photos Before the Wedding: Where Should They Take Place?

pre-wedding photosWhen it comes to commemorating the big day, you know that your photographer will be capturing all of those special moments at the ceremony and reception – but what about the photos before the wedding?

From the engagement photos to the photos that will be taken right before the ceremony, these represent an opportunity to reflect your unique style and personality.  It also gives you the chance to take the kind of pictures that you’ll want to treasure forever.  From intimate moments with your sweetheart in the park to delicate moments getting ready in the bridal suite, photos before the wedding give you and your love the chance to reflect your tastes and style.

So where should your photos before the wedding take place?  Here are a few ideas and more tips on how to make the most of these precious photographic moments:

  • You may want to consider taking photos before the wedding in a local park or anywhere else that makes the most of your local scenery.  Engagement photo sessions represent a perfect opportunity to do this, as many couples want to make the most of any natural foliage or scenery.  Additionally, this gives you and your honey the chance to celebrate your love in an outdoor space that’s precious to the two of you.  For example, you may want to consider taking photos in the outdoor park where he proposed or on the street where you met for your first date.
  • You may also want to request that your photographer take pictures of you and your honey as you prepare for the wedding.  For example, have your photographer take pictures of you and your honey enjoying a pre-wedding breakfast, or of you and your bridal party enjoying brunch together.  This is a great way to capture the moments before the madness, where you’re exhilarated by all that’s to come on your special day.
  • In the moments between the ceremony and the reception, considering requesting that your photographer take pictures of you outside the venue or in a nearby park, if weather permits.  If you’re having a winter wedding, consider requesting that your photographer take pictures of you and your sweetheart near a window with a picturesque view. Natural scenery represents a wonderful way to frame the beauty of such a special day – not to mention a special couple.

When it comes to photos before the wedding, make the most of natural scenery and spaces that represent pivotal moments in your relationship.