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Why Should You Go to a Bridal Show When You’ve Already Got Pinterest?

blog-Great-Bridal-Expo-PromoWhat is your wedding theme and color? Have you chosen a venue yet? How big is your wedding? What stationery are you using? Have you picked your cake or flowers? Are you taking dance lessons? Handing out party favors? Where are your in-laws staying? Have you thought about the food? What is the style and color of your bridesmaids’ dresses? Who is doing your makeup? Brooch bouquet or natural flowers? Does all this stuff match your Save the Date cards!? Venues, and veils and Guests, OH MY! No one said planning one of the biggest days of your life would be easy, but we can help and you don’t have to go it alone.

blog-great-bridal-expo-pinterestIt’s time to make wedding planning easy! Dive deep into the world of wedding planning and have a great day with your bridesmaids looking at potential flowers, center pieces, gowns, and stationery for your wedding. There are a lot online and magazine resources to help you plan, but it can become difficult to keep it all organized. Have you spent hours on Pinterest, pinning up all your hopes and dreams for your wedding? But now what? Most links on Pinterest don’t even work and the stuff in the magazines is always over budget–am I right?

The Great Bridal Expo is easily one of the most popular bridal shows and it tours around the country. This year, the show kicked off in Washington, DC. What? It’s already happened? Keep calm. There are still more shows ahead!

Go Big this weekend in the Big Apple and in Philly! Or, swing by in October in the great city of Baltimore!

Yes, you can get help with all things wedding–from professionals! Your bridesmaids are invaluable, but when was the last time they designed the perfect stationery with exactly that one font with all the curlicues and in that particular color that matches your fiancée’s eyes? And, do you really trust them to pick songs for the DJ? Remember the chicken dance?

Bridal shows are also the place where you can win amazing things like wedding invitations valued at more than $100, center pieces and jewelry – heck, you can even get your nails done. Have a day with your bridesmaids and check out in person what really fits your style for your perfect big day.  Don’t get bogged down trying to stay afloat in this crazy wedding planning world. Pick a theme, pick a color, and pick a date!

Join experienced professionals this weekend or the next week! Win prizes and support from all kinds of specialty bridal stores. The professionals are here to make your day perfect. They are here to help make all your dreams come true.

Hair Style Wedding Tips

Selecting an Up-Do Hair Stylist For Your Wedding Day

The big day of your wedding ceremony is almost here.  You can’t wait to stand before your family members and friends as you whisper those sweet and sacred vows to the man of your dreams.  You can’t wait to dance alongside the most important people in your life as you celebrate a future lifetime of happiness and joy.  But before you can get to the good stuff, you need to consider one of the biggest wedding day decisions you’ll ever make…

Selecting the perfect up-do hair stylists for your big day!

Let’s face it: your wedding photos will last for lifetimes.  You want to look absolutely breathtaking – and if you end up with the wrong hairstyle, your wedding pictures won’t bring as much joy and happiness as they should.  That’s why it’s so important to pick an up-do hair stylist who will make you look as gorgeous as you feel.

Wondering how to select an up-do hair stylist for your wedding day?  Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Ask your favorite hair stylist if she or he specializes in wedding up-dos.  Many people tend to forget that favorite hair stylists are often experienced in creating gorgeous and stunning wedding up-dos.  You don’t have to hire a stranger or go to someone expensive to get the hair you want for your wedding – instead, ask the person who knows your hair the best!
  2. If your favorite hair salon stylist can’t give you the hair style of your dreams, not to worry.  Ask your female family members and friends who styled their hair to get a good idea of who can do your up-do.  Better still, go on Facebook and look at some of your friends’ favorite wedding photos.  Does anyone have a hairstyle that absolutely takes your breath away?  If so, ask which hair stylist she used.  After all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.
  3. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask a family member or friend to do your hair for the big day.  If you’re going down this road, make sure that they have a few practice rounds on your hair before the big day.  You never know how many talented hair stylists you have in your family, so don’t be afraid to put your feelers out there.  Make sure you compensate your family member with a special gift or some money for their time and efforts.

Use these tips to find a hair stylist who will give you a dream up-do on your wedding day! Also, don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook to get FREE return address printing (quite the hair-raising offer!). Hurry, this deal ends October 31, 2012, so don’t miss out on this amazing offer!