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Why Should You Go to a Bridal Show When You’ve Already Got Pinterest?

blog-Great-Bridal-Expo-PromoWhat is your wedding theme and color? Have you chosen a venue yet? How big is your wedding? What stationery are you using? Have you picked your cake or flowers? Are you taking dance lessons? Handing out party favors? Where are your in-laws staying? Have you thought about the food? What is the style and color of your bridesmaids’ dresses? Who is doing your makeup? Brooch bouquet or natural flowers? Does all this stuff match your Save the Date cards!? Venues, and veils and Guests, OH MY! No one said planning one of the biggest days of your life would be easy, but we can help and you don’t have to go it alone.

blog-great-bridal-expo-pinterestIt’s time to make wedding planning easy! Dive deep into the world of wedding planning and have a great day with your bridesmaids looking at potential flowers, center pieces, gowns, and stationery for your wedding. There are a lot online and magazine resources to help you plan, but it can become difficult to keep it all organized. Have you spent hours on Pinterest, pinning up all your hopes and dreams for your wedding? But now what? Most links on Pinterest don’t even work and the stuff in the magazines is always over budget–am I right?

The Great Bridal Expo is easily one of the most popular bridal shows and it tours around the country. This year, the show kicked off in Washington, DC. What? It’s already happened? Keep calm. There are still more shows ahead!

Go Big this weekend in the Big Apple and in Philly! Or, swing by in October in the great city of Baltimore!

Yes, you can get help with all things wedding–from professionals! Your bridesmaids are invaluable, but when was the last time they designed the perfect stationery with exactly that one font with all the curlicues and in that particular color that matches your fiancée’s eyes? And, do you really trust them to pick songs for the DJ? Remember the chicken dance?

Bridal shows are also the place where you can win amazing things like wedding invitations valued at more than $100, center pieces and jewelry – heck, you can even get your nails done. Have a day with your bridesmaids and check out in person what really fits your style for your perfect big day.  Don’t get bogged down trying to stay afloat in this crazy wedding planning world. Pick a theme, pick a color, and pick a date!

Join experienced professionals this weekend or the next week! Win prizes and support from all kinds of specialty bridal stores. The professionals are here to make your day perfect. They are here to help make all your dreams come true.

Save the Date Wedding Tips

Save-The-Date Cards vs. Magnets: Which Should You Choose?

You and your honey are ready to tie the knot, and you can’t wait to do it in front of your family members and friends.  You’ve got the date set, and the wedding location booked.  All that’s left to do to get everything in motion is to send out the save-the-date cards…right?

Before you order your save-the-date cards, consider this: you’ll need to find a way to make it easier for your loved ones to remember when your wedding is approaching.  Sure, sending out a card is a great way to get your wedding date on their calendars – but how else can you get your loved ones to keep your wedding in mind as the date approaches?

The answer is simple: opt for save-the-date magnets!

Like the save-the-date cards, these magnets offer a fantastic way for your loved ones to remember your wedding date, with one particular bonus: your family members and friends can put it on their refrigerators where they can see it every day.  That way, you’ll never have to worry that your wedding will slip Great-Aunt Jean’s mind, or your absent-minded friend will forget to RSVP.

So what should you include on your save-the-date magnet?

  • The Date of the Wedding:  The date of your wedding ceremony and reception should be front and center on your save-the-date magnets.  Remember, this isn’t the official wedding invitation – you just want to give your wedding guests the time they need to make travel arrangements.
  • A Link to Your Wedding Site:  These days, more couples are opting to host their own wedding website ( offers couples the opportunity to launch their own website for absolutely free).  You can include a link to your website on the magnet, which is where your guests will find information on hotel accommodations, gift registries, and other traditional wedding information.
  • A Picture of You and Your Honey:  Save-the-date magnets are far less formal than wedding invites, so don’t hesitate to have fun with the design!  Put a picture of you and your honey on the magnet, or create some fun designs that represent your relationship or the theme of your wedding.  No matter which option you pick, the wedding invitation should have special meaning and clearly represent what makes you and your future spouse meant to be.

Save-the-date magnets are convenient, fun, and surprisingly affordable. As long as you include all the right information and send the save-the-date out in time, you can’t go wrong with either a traditional card or a magnet. Visit today to discover special designs and a wide selection of both magnets and cards. Also, don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook to get up to 25% off save-the-date-cards! Offer ends August 31, 2012.